That's the Reason

Mainline Quests


Huang's Wife


Mrs. Lee



Sixth quest of the Mainline Quests.


Huang's Wife: My neighbor Chauncer Lee is in the same condition that my Husband is in. Since Taoist Koo gave me two doeses of the remedy, please bring one or Mrs. Lee to give to her husband. Mrs. Lee is standing at their door waiting.

  • Objective: Bring Little Elixir and Vanilla to Mrs. Lee.


Mrs. Lee: [After listening intently to your story] Taoist Koo made this remedy? I am grateful, now my husband can be cured! Thanks for your help. Here, I have this belt and some money for you.


  • Item: Belt +8 Defense (Summoner and Warden), +12 Defense (Guardian and Warrior) and +4 Defense (Enchanter, Revenant, Mage and Stormlord).
  • Experience: 500 points (4100 points up to now in Mainline Quests )
  • Coins: 20 copper (3 silver up to now in Mainline Quests)

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