Mulberry's Jackals
Placeholder item
Vital statistics
Start Taoist Koo
End Taoist Koo
Prerequisites None
Level 1
Location Mulberry Village
Rewards Item, Exp, Money
Previous Next
None That's the Reason

This is the first quest of the Mainline Quests. Right after leaving the brief tutorial at Kunlun Fairyland we are sent to Mulberry Village. There we meet Taoist Koo who gives us this quest.


Taoist Koo: Not that you need to know, but I am a Taoist from Sunny Temple. We belong to the very exclusive Trinity Sect.

Some of the... um, 'villagers' come to my temple several days ago and said there were stronge things happening in Mulberry Village. The details aren't important right now. What I want... is for you to prove that I'm not wasting my time with you.

[He clears his throat, then speaks to you loudly, making sure that everyone can hear you being charged with this task.] My disciples have told me that there are jackals wandering around Mulberry Village. Ridding the village of the jackals will be your first task. [He lowers his voice] Do not disappoint me.

  • Objective: Kill 5 Jackals.


Taoist Koo: You've killed them? I'm surprised you're still in one piece. Don't be too proud of yourself. You still have a long way to go until you can become a Taoist of my level. Let alone reach the point of being able to pass the Heavenly Test. Just by looking at you, I can tell that this is going to take a lot more work.


  • Item: Pants +10 Defense (Summoner and Warden), +5 Defense (Enchanter, Revenant, Mage and Stormlord), +12 Defense (Guardian and Warrior)
  • Experience: 1800 points
  • Coins: 2 silver