Basic AttributesEdit

Strength, Stamina, Spirit, and Physique are basic attributes that increase automatically as your character gains levels.

Strength: Increases your attack power and cirital hit chance. Each Strength point increases attack power by 1. Every 20 Strength points increase critical hit chance by 1%.

Stamina: Increases Max HP and HP regeneration rate when not in combat. Each Stamina point increases HP by 10 points. Every 10 Stamina points increase HP regeneration by 1 point.

Spirit: Increases Max MP, spell critital hit chance and MP recovery speed while out of combat. Each Spirit point increases Max MP by 10 points. Every 25 Spirit points increase magic critical hit chance by 1% and MP regeneration by 1 point.

Physique: Increases defense, max vigor and critical resistance. Each Physique point increases defense by 2 points. Every 2 Physique points increase max vigor by 1 point. Every 50 Physique points increase critical resistance by 1%.


Resistances protect you against Confuse, Hold, Drain and Weaken effects.

Confuse: Confusion causes you to lose control of your character.

Hold: Hold effects reduce your character's movement speed or can prevent movement altogether.

Drain: Drain effects will continually reduce your character's HP, MP or Vigor.

Weaken: Weaken effects will reduce your character's attributes and abilities.


HP: Character's Health Points. If a character's HP is reduced to 0, the character dies. When out of combat, your character's HP will slowly regenerate.

MP: Character's Mana Points. Many skills require MP to use. When out of combat, MP will slowly regenerate.

Rage: Instead of MP, Warriors and Guardians have a resource called Rage. Most Warrior and Guardians skills require Rage to use. When your character attacks or is struck in combat, Rage will build up. When out of combat, Rage will gradually decrease.

Vigor: Vigor is a special attribute that is used for blocking, dodging, or using some abilities. Getting hit by attacks can also reduce a character's Vigor. If a character's Vigor gets too low, they will become stunned and unable to act or defend against attacks. A small percentage of Vigor will automatically regenearte every 5 seconds.

Injury: When a character dies or collects resources, they may become Injured. When a character's Injury reaches a certain level, their accumulated injuries will decrease their attributes and collecting efficiency.

Attack Power: A measure of the character's physical attack ability. Every 5 points of attack power increase the character's damamge by 1 point.

Damage: A value of character's damage ability. Ignoring an opponent's defense, this is how much damage each attack would deal.

Defense: A character's defense ability mitigates physical damage. The higher defense is, the less physical damage the character will receive from attacks.

Magic Effectiveness: Each spell benefits in its own way from Magic Effectiveness. A higher Magic Effectiveness willl result in more damage and healing from spells.

Magic Resistance: A character's Magic Resistance mitigates magic damage. The higher Magic Defense is, the less magical damage the character will recieve from spells and magic attacks.