You can learn the Life Skill, Carving, from the NPC "Carpenter", in Serene City. Materials required for carving are woods and leathers. The wooden weapons produced are only used by the Fire Mage, Stormlord, Divine Enchanter, and Dark Revenant.

Active SkillsEdit

Required Tool: Saw
Produce(s): wooden swords and wooden staves
Worksite(s): not limited to a worksite


[T][10] Wood Carving
Requirement(s): learn Carving Lv. 1, 1 Common Wooden Sword(crafted from 5 Hardwoods)
Reward(s): 2000 XP, Ebony Runic Sword
[10] Master's Daily Gift
Requirement(s): completion of [10][T] Wood Carving
Reward(s): (daily) 10 Hardwood, 100 XP

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