Blade Wardens are expert sword wielders. They are skilled with them in melee, but can also summon and hurl swords made of lightning or ice. If you like to dish out a lot of damage, this is your class.

Blade Wardens emphasize the importance of sword theory. Perfect realization of sword is their ultimate wish. Legendary swords can help their class a lot. Wardens are good at using swords to help attack. They also have many skills to disable the enemy.

With strong control skills and high damage, Wardens are excellent single-target strikers. A hybrid class of Melee, Range and Crowd Control. Wear medium armor.


Here you'll see what are the characteristics of this Class. It's a list of what can a Blade Warden do and acomplish in Zentia.


Main article: Blade Warden Skills, Blade Warden talisman Skills

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Roles RatingEdit

See also: Roles
Rating system: 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1.
Tank DPS: Melee DPS: Aoe DPS: Ranged Healer CC Buff Debuff Support
3 5 3 4 1 5 2 3 2


His tanking ability is remarkable at low and mid level, but in higher stances of the game it won't stand up as much. Melee DPS is Blade Warden's strong point, having a fantastic melee damage, useful skills like Fan of Blades and some serious melee Crowd Control. AoE damage is average mostly coming from high level skills. Even if the class is meant to be melee, most BW skills are ranged which makes it a very powerful ranged class. As seen in the table, theiy have extremely low healing, aside from leech from talismans and gear. Crowd Control is one of their best roles, having a large quantity and variety. Very good here. He has a team buff that increases physical crit in melee. Having only 2 debuffs, they still manage very well here having powerful effects each one of them.

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